Dweorg Ringen

Dweorg ringen is known in Common simply as dwarvish wrestling. Traditionally a small group of wrestlers are chosen from each clan as their champions of the ring who compete in the four regular tournaments of each year, (though special occasions also see dweorg ringen fights, as well).

Dweorg Ringen’s its origin partially draws inspiration in the dwarves’ creation myth, when Dvmir the Allfather and Starktor Ramfaust rent the first mountain caverns with rams’ skulls on their fists. This legend is commemorated on Deor Duguth with a special Dweorg Ringen battle royale.

Combatants are armed only with swingefausten, (dwarvish war gauntlets) and a prugmask, (a dwarvish helmet mask). An arena is a circular mat enclosed by a dome of iron grating. Sometimes additional items, structures, or environmental hazards are included, as well. Traditionally matches are one-on-one, but special matches are common enough- tag matches, bescubeam (column) matches, and battles royale. Wrestlers compete by attacking each other until a yield, or more often until consciousness is lost. A referee is appointed to ensure that rules are not violated, and to judge whether a combatant is able to continue the fight or not.

Almost as important to the actual match is the spectacle- before matches wrestlers have the floor to verbally berate, make jokes about, or attempt to intimidate their opponents. The crowd and the participants can get riled up by skilled speakers, and often music and pomp is associated with individual performers as his trademark.

Dweorg Ringen

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