Hogan Forgeheart

The Red Pillar, Dwarf Wrestler


Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Height: 4’ 2’’
Weight: 145 lbs
Age: 110

Hogan is a stout dwarf who was born to fight. Bereft of a clan and thus of purpose, he is in search of revenge and honor. Not one for much deliberation, he is blunt and straightforward when interacting with others, and has what can sometimes be a “larger than life” persona owing to his Dweorg Ringen days. He is quick to accept a challenge worth of his effort, and eager to prove his worth in any way he can to pay respect to his lost clan.

Hogan is short and stocky, has receding shoulder-length hair, and a handlebar mustache which fuses past his chin into a braided beard. He is well known by reputation among his kinsmen as “the Red Pillar,” his wrestling nickname. He still uses his swingefausten and fitemask as his preferred armaments.


Even among his dwarf brethren Hogan has always been tough. Naturally competitive, his temper was always backed up by more than just his words when challenged. This personality trait led his family to harness his energy and channel it into a promising career in Dweorg Ringen- one of the most popular sports in dwarvish culture. He enjoyed a storied career and not a small amount of fame where his reputation for steadfastness and fortitude earned him the nickname “the Red Pillar.”

A time came, however, when his clan needed him to focus on security at home, however. His father, King Forgeheart the Red called upon him as additional security just before a cataclysm befell his family. In an uncharacteristically wary and almost frightened-seeming state, King Forgeheart called upon all of his clan to build up their weaponry sock pile, their house’s walls, and quadrupled their security detail. Hogan was appointed the custodian of the treasury. When Hogan was away one night attending a wrestling match instead of sleeping tragedy struck- he returned home to find that all who were at home had suddenly vanished without a trace, along with the entirety of the treasury’s vault. No signs of struggle and no suspects were apparent- nothing but questions remained.

Now only a handfuls of Forehearts who had not been home remain, and they agreed to lock the house up and abandon it, as it held a possible curse and a palpable sense of loss. They made a pact to strike out on their own to try and uncover what had happened that night in an effort to get revenge for their lost clan.

Hogan Forgeheart

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