Of Shadow and Flame

Session 2

The Outsiders reached the cave and immediately were met by the stink of a goblin dung cave, and, to [Carson’s] nose, of rotting corpses, as well. They entered, and Hogan issued a threat to the goblins who he presumed to be living there- he commanded them to leave or die. A few appeared and defiantly mimicked him, so the party attacked. The fight did not go well for the 20-some-odd goblins, as all were slaughtered in a matter of minutes, but as their skirmish went on a group of marauding zombies, some 70 strong began entering the cave. They smelled of rot and fresh dirt- which, along with their stitched-together bodies, indicated that they were crafted by hand and then animated by evil necromancy.

[Carson] quietly scouted further ahead into the cave, where the lone goblin survivor had fled. Further in he found a large canvas tent as some kind of filthy makeshift house. Inside a group of goblins were jabbering to their elder, a shaman of some kind, who was in turn whispering into the ear of a great ogre, who was alternately feasting upon plates of partially cooked livestock, and berating the shaman for claiming that this cave would keep zombies from finding them.

Back at the cave entrance, Hogan had acted quickly and broke off as many stalagmites as he could, and propped them up as pikes atop the goblins’ potato sack crates to create a makeshift wall to funnel the horde towards him. The bottleneck proved effective as half were slain by the party before the structure began to crumble from the press of bodies. Hogan continued his stubborn fortification as he skewered another ten on the stalagmites, but onward the undead pressed. Finally, Hogan climbed quickly up the pile of fallen zombies, jumped up onto a large overhanging stalactite, and punched it until it came crashing down with him onto the crowd of zombies. The resulting damage took most of the remaining creatures out except for ten, which the party was able to easily dispatch.

As the party rested briefly from their fight the remaining group of goblins accompanied by their leader, Scarsdale the ogre. Hogan met the ogre with disdain, and attempted to threaten him into submission, but Scarsdale had none of that. Once Hogan introduced himself the ogre seemed intrigued, and offered a deal- if Hogan could best him in an impromptu Dweorg Ringen match then he and his followers would leave. If he won, however, then Hogan and his party would owe him a favor. Hogan immediately accepted and their match began. Their fight was close, but Hogan’s strength was greatly diminished from his heroics earlier, and was put out. Just as the fight ended, [Kris] suddenly and unexpectedly intervened, and unleashed a powerful spell which melted almost all of the ogre instantaneously. This shocked and frightened the goblins, who immediately fled.

The Outsiders have ended the threat of the ogre, but the mystery of the zombies continues… Who is creating them and why?


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