Of Shadow and Flame

Session 1

The Second Errand of the Party

After previously freeing themselves of suspicion by stopping a local necromancer, the Outsiders were asked by the town mayor to investigate a missing cart which was expected from Nemorax(sp?). They acquiesced, and traveled down the desolate road until they found the cart- it looked to have been thrown violently from the road. None of the cart’s goods had been taken- idols of Solice(sp?), but no bodies or survivors were anywhere to be found.

As the party was examining the wreck they were ambushed by a group of elves. The attackers were killed in the struggle, but not before one informed the party that they had merely found the wreck and tried to waylay whoever came from town in search of it. Just before [Ant] executed the last elf he also mentioned that the cart was likely destroyed by an ogre who lived a short distance away.

The party then moved on to seek out the ogre to end the threat to the road…


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